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About Us

WordPress is a truly revolutionary online service.

The website puts the power of publishing into everyone’s hands, allowing them to create, run and share their own unique websites through an easy to use and understand interface.

But sometimes things can get tricky on WordPress, especially when it comes to ongoing maintenance and security.

That’s why, since 2014, Net Ninjas have been helping customers from every walk of life get the most out of their online experience, providing WordPress maintenance and support to keep websites up to date, backed up, smooth and secure.

Get Net Ninjas to handle security

The single most important issue facing anyone who runs a website is security.

You want your personal details protected and those of your audience secured – and for everything to be free of malicious attacks, spam, viruses and other online dangers.

WordPress itself is a good, secure site – but without regular updates, checks and tweaks, your individual domain could become vulnerable.

Net Ninjas have a wealth of experience in keeping websites safe from harm, using a wide range of security tools and regular security patch update installation.

We can handle everything from core updates, plugins and website security monitoring to backups and malware cleanup.

Net Ninjas keep you up to date

WordPress is always evolving and improving. Typically there are between two and three major feature updates every year, with many smaller tweaks along the way.

Keeping on top of these updates allows your WordPress website to run more smoothly, be more secure, look more attractive and be more user friendly.

But this can take a lot of time and energy. That’s why Net Ninjas offer comprehensive WordPress maintenance and support, so, not only will you never miss an update, they will be installed and attuned exactly to the needs of your site.

Leave it to the experts

WordPress is used for a huge variety of online content, covering everything from travel blogs to online sales and marketing.

Net Ninjas can be trusted to run the back end of any WordPress website with dedication, skill and efficiency.

While you pursue your WordPress goals at the front end, be they securing sales or going viral with a witty blog post, Net Ninjas can work quickly and quietly in the background, sorting out any problems and keeping things safe and secure. We are Ninjas after all!

WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Our Skills

Experts in WordPress

Our ninjas are highly trained in the art of WordPress.  Many of our ninjas have been working with WordPress since 2003 and are regular WordPress contributors.

Experts in WooCommerce

Net Ninjas have been working with WooCommerce since 2012 and have an in-depth knowledge of the code base.  We’re regular contributors within the WooCommerce community.

Experts in PHP / MySQL

All of our ninjas are highly skilled developers, trained in PHP, MySQL and MariaDB.  We live and breathe the code that runs WordPress and WooCommerce.

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