Service Level Agreements

Web Hosting Service Level Agreements

Net Ninjas guarantees 99.9% service up time on all web hosting plans. Should we fail to deliver this for any given calendar month, your account will be refunded a pro-rated amount for the duration of excessive downtime, according to the following table.

Availability Credit Downtime
99.99% – 100% 0% 0 to 4.32 minutes
98% – 99.98% 10% 4.32 mins to 14 hrs 24 mins
95% – 97.9% 25% 14 hrs 24 mins to 36 hrs
90% – 94.9% 50% 36 hrs to 72 hrs
89% or below 100% more than 72 hrs

If the up time guarantee of a web site is less than 99.9%, Net Ninjas will issue credit to the hosting member in accordance with the above “Service Level Agreement” credit schedule, with the credit being calculated based on the monthly service charge for the affected service.

Hours of Coverage

Web hosting support is provided by the Net Ninjas Support Team Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, on regular business days. Ticket support is available 24/7 with best effort reply times, emergency support is available 24/7 via the support ticket system.

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Response Times

Net Ninjas Support will use the following guidelines to prioritise web support requests, with the goal of beginning to work on the problem within the target timeframe. Actual response times may be shorter or longer, depending on the volume of requests being handled at any one time.

Severity Level Definition Target Response Times Target Resolution
1. High
Website outage
Example: The website goes offline for some unknown reason
Within 30 Minutes 2 Business Hours
2. Medium Code issue, performance issue

Example: The website has an issue with some code or is performing abnormally.

Within 1 Business Hour Within 1 Business Days
3. Low
Adding Site Functionality, General Content Changes
Example: Customer needs assistance updating content on their website or needs assistance creating a new form or product on their website
Within 1 Business Day Within 3 Business days
Depending on the complexity of the requested functionality, a meeting to discuss the project and timelines may be necessary. This will be scheduled within 3 business days.
4. Other Project-related Discussions
Example: Customer knows what they want to achieve on their website but unsure how to meet the desired outcome
Within 1 Business Day Meeting will be scheduled to determines project timeline within 3 business days

Any Customer not satisfied with the level of service related to a web support request should contact their account manager, who will review your input and respond to you with the action taken.

Other Requests
Requests not covered in the scope of this service can be submitted through email and will be referred on to the appropriate individual(s).

Hours of Coverage
Web content management support is provided by the Net Ninjas Support Team Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, on regular business days. Out of hours support is available via phone or email ticket, and is billed at $99 per hour.