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Brand Development

Brand Strategy

We develop clear and effective brands based on a thorough understanding of your business, it’s purpose and it’s competitors to deliver brand recognition and consistency to your target market.

Identity Design

This includes logo design, Tagline / slogan development, colour schemes, typefaces and stationery

Brand Guidelines

This is your handbook for how to properly express your brand: where and how to use the logo, colours, fonts and just as importantly, how NOT to use them, in order to consistently communicate your message.

We Create Memorable Brands

Here’s the simplest way we here at Net Ninjas define brand: Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience.

It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand whether it’s the way you answer the phone, how your website functions, your customer service process, how your office looks or how your product/service performs. It’s how you make your customers feel about themselves and their decisions when they are interacting with your brand. It’s why you shop at store A vs. store B even if the price or product might not be that much different.

Developing a strong, authentic brand and delivering it consistently is the foundation upon which every successful business is built. And we can help you lay that first stone. We’ll help uncover what makes you special, differentiates you from the competition and defines who you are and what you want to be, and what your target audience wants you to be. The development of this brand will be essential to consistently delivering the right message to the right people to create just the right reaction.

Australian Web Industry Association

We are proud members of the Australian Web Industry Association

Congratulations and good luck on launching your website!

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